2022 Big Bang Rumble - BB-14

2022 Big Bang RumbleWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1Morris County Cubs Navy4001.000444
2KCD Freedom3100.7501129
3Canes Mid Atlantic 14U Gold2200.5001014
4ECP Baseball 14U2200.5003019
5Delmarva Aces Upstate1200.3332214
6Mid Atlantic Shockers Thomas1200.3333615
7Wayne PAL Wolfpack1200.3332714
8Morris County Cubs White0300.0002011
Official Schedule (Last updated 09/20/2022 2:06pm)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Jun 04, 2022
8:00 AMSATB #08Morris County Cubs Navy14ECP Baseball 14U2
8:00 AMSATB #16Morris County Cubs White1Canes Mid Atlantic 14U Gold2
10:30 AMSATB #08Morris County Cubs Navy17Wayne PAL Wolfpack1
10:30 AMSATB #16Morris County Cubs White8Mid Atlantic Shockers Thomas10
1:00 PMSATB #08ECP Baseball 14U10Delmarva Aces Upstate1
1:00 PMSATB #16Canes Mid Atlantic 14U Gold0KCD Freedom2
3:30 PMSATB #08Wayne PAL Wolfpack5Delmarva Aces Upstate8
3:30 PMSATB #16Mid Atlantic Shockers Thomas2KCD Freedom17
QUARTER-FINALS :: Jun 05, 2022
1BYEKCD Freedom
2BYEMorris County Cubs Navy
310:30 AMSATB #08Canes Mid Atlantic 14U Gold11Mid Atlantic Shockers Thomas3
410:30 AMSATB #16ECP Baseball 14U7Delmarva Aces Upstate5
SEMI-FINALS :: Jun 05, 2022
11:00 PMSATB #16KCD Freedom10ECP Baseball 14U0
21:00 PMSATB #08Morris County Cubs Navy4Canes Mid Atlantic 14U Gold1
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Jun 05, 2022
13:30 PMSATB #16KCD Freedom0Morris County Cubs Navy9
13:30 PMSATB #08Morris County Cubs White2Wayne PAL Wolfpack8
Pool Play 14 B


TWO HOUR TIME LIMIT: All teams will play 2 Pool Games on Saturday to determine Seeds and Brackets for Sunday. We are taking the top 6 Seeds for the Championship Bracket with the bottom 2 Seeds playing in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday. Sunday is Single-Elimination. Good Luck!!!