2021 Ducks on the Pond - BB-11

2021 Ducks on the PondWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1Bagel Bombers Farissier5001.0001255
25 Star Mid Atlantic Delaware3100.7501548
3Wolfpack Baseball Delco3100.7502323
4Dig In Baseball2110.6252830
5Rock Solid Taylor1110.5001226
65 Star National VA Beach Spears1200.3332625
7Loudoun Aces Jackson1200.3333017
9Mount Vernon Mavericks1300.2503421
10Maryland Legends0300.000299
11SC Bulldogs0300.000398
Official Schedule (Last updated 10/18/2021 12:01am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Oct 16, 2021
8:30 AMSATB #09Bagel Bombers Farissier8Ascent4
8:30 AMSATB #105 Star Mid Atlantic Delaware15Maryland Legends0
8:30 AMSATB #12Rock Solid Taylor18SC Bulldogs3
10:45 AMSATB #09Bagel Bombers Farissier15SC Bulldogs0
10:45 AMSATB #105 Star Mid Atlantic Delaware12Mount Vernon Mavericks2
10:45 AMSATB #12Rock Solid Taylor4Dig In Baseball4
1:00 PMSATB #09Ascent1Loudoun Aces Jackson13
1:00 PMSATB #10Maryland Legends6Wolfpack Baseball Delco7
1:00 PMSATB #125 Star National VA Beach Spears5Dig In Baseball18
3:15 PMSATB #095 Star National VA Beach Spears16Loudoun Aces Jackson3
3:15 PMSATB #10Mount Vernon Mavericks4Wolfpack Baseball Delco10
QUARTER-FINALS :: Oct 16, 2021
1BYE5 Star Mid Atlantic Delaware
QUARTER-FINALS :: Oct 17, 2021
28:30 AMSATB #12Bagel Bombers Farissier13Loudoun Aces Jackson1
38:30 AMSATB #10Wolfpack Baseball Delco55 Star National VA Beach Spears4
48:30 AMSATB #09Rock Solid Taylor4Dig In Baseball5
SEMI-FINALS :: Oct 17, 2021
110:45 AMSATB #095 Star Mid Atlantic Delaware15Dig In Baseball3
210:45 AMSATB #12Bagel Bombers Farissier9Wolfpack Baseball Delco1
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Oct 17, 2021
11:00 PMSATB #095 Star Mid Atlantic Delaware6Bagel Bombers Farissier10
28:30 AMSATB #03Maryland Legends3Mount Vernon Mavericks7
110:45 AMSATB #10Ascent6SC Bulldogs5
11:00 PMSATB #10Ascent9Mount Vernon Mavericks8
Pool Play 11 B

TWO HOUR TIME LIMIT: All teams will play 2 Pool Games on Saturday to determine Seeds And Brackets for Sunday. The top 7 Seeds will play in the Championship Bracket with the bottom 4 Seeds playing in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday. Sunday is Single-Elimination. Good Luck!!!