2021 Octoberfest - BB-14

2021 OctoberfestWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1MA Show American4001.000034
2West Chester Dragons NL3200.6002629
3VF Militia2200.5001617
4MA Show Gallagher2200.5002625
5Delmarva Aces East2100.6671127
6Northeast Pride2100.6671518
7Sandlot Baseball Academy1200.3331319
8West Chester Dragons Columbia2200.5001519
9West Chester Dragons AL2200.5002612
10Prime Time Aces White0300.000295
11Virginia Blacksox0300.000357
Official Schedule (Last updated 10/16/2021 7:32am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Oct 02, 2021
8:30 AMSATB #05Northeast Pride6West Chester Dragons Columbia2
8:30 AMSATB #08VF Militia8West Chester Dragons NL0
8:30 AMSATB #16Delmarva Aces East15Virginia Blacksox1
11:00 AMSATB #05Northeast Pride8Prime Time Aces White4
11:00 AMSATB #08VF Militia5West Chester Dragons AL6
11:00 AMSATB #16Delmarva Aces East8Sandlot Baseball Academy3
1:30 PMSATB #05West Chester Dragons Columbia0MA Show American8
1:30 PMSATB #08West Chester Dragons NL11MA Show Gallagher5
1:30 PMSATB #16Virginia Blacksox1Sandlot Baseball Academy14
4:00 PMSATB #05West Chester Dragons AL0MA Show American10
4:00 PMSATB #08Prime Time Aces White0MA Show Gallagher10
QUARTER-FINALS :: Oct 02, 2021
1BYEMA Show American
QUARTER-FINALS :: Oct 03, 2021
28:30 AMSATB #08Delmarva Aces East4West Chester Dragons NL7
38:30 AMSATB #16Northeast Pride4MA Show Gallagher9
48:30 AMSATB #05VF Militia4Sandlot Baseball Academy2
SEMI-FINALS :: Oct 03, 2021
111:00 AMSATB #05MA Show American8VF Militia0
211:00 AMSATB #08West Chester Dragons NL11MA Show Gallagher1
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Oct 03, 2021
11:30 PMSATB #05MA Show American8West Chester Dragons NL0
211:00 AMSATB #16West Chester Dragons Columbia11Prime Time Aces White1
11:30 PMSATB #16West Chester Dragons AL6Virginia Blacksox5
14:00 PMSATB #16West Chester Dragons AL0West Chester Dragons Columbia6
Pool Play 14 B


TWO HOUR TIME LIMIT: All teams will play 2 Pool Games on Saturday to determine Seeds And Brackets for Sunday. We are taking the top 6 Seeds for the Championship Bracket with the bottom 2 Seeds playing in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday. Sunday is Single-Elimination. Good Luck!!!