2021 The 42 Rundown - BB-12

2021 The 42 RundownWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1Delmarva Aces Beach5001.0002565
2Mount Vernon Patriots4100.8003463
3Mid Atlantic Shockers Webster3100.7501534
4Mid Atlantic Shockers-Kimmel2200.5002926
5Nova Premier Blue2200.5002423
6Lake Shore Graysox2200.5003938
7SELECT - Leitgeb1200.3331824
8SC Bulldogs Fitzgerlad1200.3331918
9West Jersey Rebels1200.3332217
10Bagel Bombers Willey1200.3332823
11UQA Lions2200.5004037
12Full Count Rockers2200.5003950
13Prime Time Aces0300.000438
14Coaldale Tigers0300.000554
Official Schedule (Last updated 05/01/2021 8:59am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Apr 17, 2021
9:00 AM1-Championship FieldUQA Lions7Full Count Rockers20
9:00 AM2-Grotto FieldMid Atlantic Shockers-Kimmel6West Jersey Rebels7
9:00 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsMount Vernon Patriots13Bagel Bombers Willey1
9:00 AM4-Greene Turtle FieldCoaldale Tigers1Lake Shore Graysox16
11:15 AM1-Championship FieldUQA Lions3Mid Atlantic Shockers Webster10
11:15 AM2-Grotto FieldMid Atlantic Shockers-Kimmel11Nova Premier Blue4
11:15 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsMount Vernon Patriots13Prime Time Aces0
11:15 AM4-Greene Turtle FieldCoaldale Tigers0Delmarva Aces Beach18
1:30 PM1-Championship FieldFull Count Rockers2SC Bulldogs Fitzgerlad16
1:30 PM2-Grotto FieldLake Shore Graysox3SELECT - Leitgeb17
1:30 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsBagel Bombers Willey16Prime Time Aces5
1:30 PM4-Greene Turtle FieldWest Jersey Rebels4Delmarva Aces Beach7
3:45 PM1-Championship FieldMid Atlantic Shockers Webster9SC Bulldogs Fitzgerlad0
3:45 PM2-Grotto FieldNova Premier Blue7SELECT - Leitgeb0
ROUND 4 :: Apr 17, 2021
1BYEMount Vernon Patriots
2BYEMid Atlantic Shockers Webster
3BYEDelmarva Aces Beach
4BYESELECT - Leitgeb
5BYEMid Atlantic Shockers-Kimmel
6BYESC Bulldogs Fitzgerlad
ROUND 4 :: Apr 18, 2021
79:00 AM2-Grotto FieldNova Premier Blue10Bagel Bombers Willey6
89:00 AM1-Championship FieldWest Jersey Rebels6Lake Shore Graysox9
QUARTER-FINALS :: Apr 18, 2021
39:00 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsDelmarva Aces Beach8SC Bulldogs Fitzgerlad2
49:00 AM4-Greene Turtle FieldSELECT - Leitgeb7Mid Atlantic Shockers-Kimmel8
111:15 AM1-Championship FieldMount Vernon Patriots15Lake Shore Graysox10
211:15 AM2-Grotto FieldMid Atlantic Shockers Webster7Nova Premier Blue2
SEMI-FINALS :: Apr 18, 2021
11:30 PM1-Championship FieldMount Vernon Patriots11Mid Atlantic Shockers-Kimmel1
21:30 PM2-Grotto FieldMid Atlantic Shockers Webster8Delmarva Aces Beach10
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Apr 18, 2021
13:45 PM1-Championship FieldMount Vernon Patriots11Delmarva Aces Beach22
111:15 AM4-Greene Turtle FieldFull Count Rockers21Coaldale Tigers3
211:15 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsPrime Time Aces3UQA Lions14
11:30 PM4-Greene Turtle FieldFull Count Rockers7UQA Lions13
Pool Play 12

TIME LIMIT Two Hours: Play TWO (2) Pool Games on Saturday to determine Seeds & Brackets for Sunday. The top 7 seeds will play in Championship Bracket with the bottom 4 seeds in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday.  Good Luck!!!

Skills Competition will Start at 6:00 PM on Field 2 on Saturday night!!!