2021 Sandlot Smash - BB-12

2021 Sandlot SmashWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1Delaware Rockets4100.8002152
2Bigbie’s Black Sox3200.6003341
3SJ Bandits2100.6671920
4SJ Young Guns2100.6672531
5TopHand Reds1200.3331716
6LTRC Comets1200.3332619
7Delmarva Aces Beach3100.7502439
8Southside Crew1300.2502734
9Delmarva Aces Coastal1200.3333719
10SJ Young Guns 11U0300.000442
Official Schedule (Last updated 04/28/2021 11:12am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Apr 10, 2021
9:00 AM1-Championship FieldSouthside Crew6Delmarva Aces Coastal9
9:00 AM2-Grotto FieldLTRC Comets3SJ Bandits12
11:15 AM1-Championship FieldSouthside Crew8Delmarva Aces Beach9
11:15 AM2-Grotto FieldLTRC Comets14SJ Young Guns 11U2
11:15 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsSJ Bandits5TopHand Reds3
1:30 PM1-Championship FieldDelmarva Aces Coastal8SJ Young Guns17
1:30 PM2-Grotto FieldBigbie’s Black Sox15SJ Young Guns 11U0
1:30 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsDelaware Rockets3TopHand Reds8
3:45 PM1-Championship FieldDelmarva Aces Beach8SJ Young Guns10
3:45 PM2-Grotto FieldDelaware Rockets5Bigbie’s Black Sox1
QUARTER-FINALS :: Apr 10, 2021
1BYESJ Bandits
2BYESJ Young Guns
QUARTER-FINALS :: Apr 11, 2021
39:00 AM2-Grotto FieldBigbie’s Black Sox12LTRC Comets2
49:00 AM1-Championship FieldTopHand Reds5Delaware Rockets9
SEMI-FINALS :: Apr 11, 2021
111:15 AM1-Championship FieldSJ Bandits3Delaware Rockets13
211:15 AM2-Grotto FieldSJ Young Guns4Bigbie’s Black Sox9
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Apr 11, 2021
11:30 PM1-Championship FieldDelaware Rockets22Bigbie’s Black Sox4
29:00 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsDelmarva Aces Coastal2Southside Crew14
111:15 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsDelmarva Aces Beach15SJ Young Guns 11U0
11:30 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsDelmarva Aces Beach7Southside Crew6
Pool Play 12

TIME LIMIT Two Hours: Play TWO (2) Pool Games on Saturday to determine Seeds & Brackets for Sunday. The top 7 seeds will play in Championship Bracket with the bottom 4 seeds in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday.  Good Luck!!!

Skills Competition will Start at 6:00 PM on Field 2 on Saturday night!!!