2020 Columbus Day Classic - BB-15-16

2020 Columbus DayWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1SJ Young Guns 15U4010.900642
3DE Diamond Kings Willett 16U3100.7502222
4Crofton Cardinals 3200.6002119
5Central MD Cyclones2100.667523
6Fielder's Choice Baseball2100.6672721
7Slim's Chance Bulldogs2110.625917
8Mid State Mavericks 16U2200.5001824
9PA Playmakers1200.3332510
10D.C. Outlaws1200.3333018
11Mid Maryland United0300.000199
12Delmarva Aces Coastal1200.3331420
13Bagel Bombers White 15U1200.3331714
14Warhogs Baseball0300.0002714
15DE Diamond Kings McGrath 16U0300.0003512
Official Schedule (Last updated 07/25/2021 5:50am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Oct 10, 2020
8:00 AMSATB #13Bagel Bombers White 15U6PA Playmakers7
8:00 AMSATB #14Fielder's Choice Baseball13Warhogs Baseball12
8:00 AMSATB #15Mid State Mavericks 16U9DE Diamond Kings McGrath 16U1
10:30 AMSATB #13Bagel Bombers White 15U0Central MD Cyclones10
10:30 AMSATB #14Fielder's Choice Baseball8Delmarva Aces Coastal7
10:30 AMSATB #15Mid State Mavericks 16U1Slim's Chance Bulldogs6
10:30 AMSATB #16Mid Maryland United0Piedmont4
1:00 PMSATB #13Warhogs Baseball2DE Diamond Kings Willett 16U6
1:00 PMSATB #14DE Diamond Kings McGrath 16U11D.C. Outlaws14
1:00 PMSATB #15Piedmont6Crofton Cardinals 1
1:00 PMSATB #16PA Playmakers1SJ Young Guns 15U13
3:30 PMSATB #13Mid Maryland United8DE Diamond Kings Willett 16U9
3:30 PMSATB #14Central MD Cyclones10D.C. Outlaws0
3:30 PMSATB #15Delmarva Aces Coastal1Crofton Cardinals 6
3:30 PMSATB #16Slim's Chance Bulldogs3SJ Young Guns 15U3
ROUND 4 :: Oct 10, 2020
1BYECentral MD Cyclones
3BYEDE Diamond Kings Willett 16U
4BYEFielder's Choice Baseball
5BYESJ Young Guns 15U
ROUND 4 :: Oct 11, 2020
68:00 AMSATB #13Slim's Chance Bulldogs6Mid Maryland United1
78:00 AMSATB #15Mid State Mavericks 16U9D.C. Outlaws4
88:00 AMSATB #16Crofton Cardinals 6PA Playmakers2
QUARTER-FINALS :: Oct 11, 2020
110:30 AMSATB #16Central MD Cyclones3Crofton Cardinals 5
210:30 AMSATB #15Piedmont7Mid State Mavericks 16U5
310:30 AMSATB #13DE Diamond Kings Willett 16U4Slim's Chance Bulldogs2
410:30 AMSATB #14Fielder's Choice Baseball0SJ Young Guns 15U8
SEMI-FINALS :: Oct 11, 2020
11:00 PMSATB #16Crofton Cardinals 1SJ Young Guns 15U9
21:00 PMSATB #15Piedmont10DE Diamond Kings Willett 16U3
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Oct 11, 2020
13:30 PMSATB #16SJ Young Guns 15U9Piedmont1
11:00 PMSATB #13Delmarva Aces Coastal12DE Diamond Kings McGrath 16U0
21:00 PMSATB #14Bagel Bombers White 15U8Warhogs Baseball0
13:30 PMSATB #13Delmarva Aces CoastalBagel Bombers White 15U
Pool Play 16


TIME LIMIT Two Hours: WOOD BATS Play FOUR (4) Pool Games on Friday-Saturday to determine the Seeds & Brackets for Sunday. The top 6 Seeds will play in the Championship Bracket with the bottom 6 Seeds playing in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday.  Sunday is Single-Elimination!!!! Good Luck!!!