Games will be played with no restrictions on leading or stealing!

Sports at the Beach is approved to resume tournament play under the plans submitted The plan submitted and approved is specific to Sports at the Beach and should be considered an addition to general business and other applicable guidelines.- Jamie Mack, MPA Chief – Health Systems Protection  - Delaware Department of Health and Social Services - Division of Public Health

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2020 7th Inning Stretch - BB-13

2020 Seventh InningWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1SELECT - Flasinski5100.8332666
2Bagel Bombers Rogers5100.8333061
3Top Lumber3200.6003732
4Titus Sports 13U3300.5005037
5Mid Atlantic Shockers Hendricks2300.4003026
6Delmarva Aces East3210.5833546
7The Hardball Factory Bulldogs2310.4173643
8Keystone State Bombers 13u1400.2004325
9Maryland Baseball Club0500.000589
Official Schedule (Last updated 08/06/2020 9:15pm)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Jul 24, 2020
8:30 AMSATB #10Top Lumber13Maryland Baseball Club2
8:30 AMSATB #11Mid Atlantic Shockers Hendricks5Titus Sports 13U6
8:30 AMSATB #13Keystone State Bombers 13u6Delmarva Aces East5
3:00 PMSATB #10Top Lumber6The Hardball Factory Bulldogs3
3:00 PMSATB #11Mid Atlantic Shockers Hendricks0SELECT - Flasinski11
3:00 PMSATB #13Keystone State Bombers 13u1Bagel Bombers Rogers3
5:30 PMSATB #10Delmarva Aces East9The Hardball Factory Bulldogs9
5:30 PMSATB #11Maryland Baseball Club1SELECT - Flasinski14
5:30 PMSATB #13Titus Sports 13U0Bagel Bombers Rogers10
Jul 25, 2020
8:30 AMSATB #10The Hardball Factory Bulldogs3Mid Atlantic Shockers Hendricks4
8:30 AMSATB #11SELECT - Flasinski12Keystone State Bombers 13u7
8:30 AMSATB #13Delmarva Aces East4Top Lumber5
11:00 AMSATB #10The Hardball Factory Bulldogs6Maryland Baseball Club3
11:00 AMSATB #11SELECT - Flasinski5Bagel Bombers Rogers16
11:00 AMSATB #13Delmarva Aces East6Titus Sports 13U5
1:30 PMSATB #10Maryland Baseball Club1Mid Atlantic Shockers Hendricks11
1:30 PMSATB #11Titus Sports 13U13Keystone State Bombers 13u9
1:30 PMSATB #13Top Lumber6Bagel Bombers Rogers18
QUARTER-FINALS :: Jul 25, 2020
1BYEBagel Bombers Rogers
2BYESELECT - Flasinski
3BYETop Lumber
QUARTER-FINALS :: Jul 26, 2020
48:30 AMSATB #11Titus Sports 13U9Mid Atlantic Shockers Hendricks6
SEMI-FINALS :: Jul 26, 2020
111:00 AMSATB #10Bagel Bombers Rogers14Titus Sports 13U4
211:00 AMSATB #11SELECT - Flasinski10Top Lumber2
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Jul 26, 2020
11:30 PMSATB #11Bagel Bombers Rogers0SELECT - Flasinski14
28:30 AMSATB #13Delmarva Aces East10Keystone State Bombers 13u2
111:00 AMSATB #13The Hardball Factory Bulldogs14Maryland Baseball Club2
11:30 PMSATB #13The Hardball Factory Bulldogs8Delmarva Aces East12
Pool Play 13 B

TIME LIMIT Two Hours: Play FOUR (4) Pool Games on Friday  and Saturday to determine the Seeds & Brackets for Sunday. The top 5 Seeds  will play in the Championship Bracket and the bottom 4 will play in Consolation Bracket  on Sunday.  Sunday is Single-Elimination!!!! Good Luck!!!