As the situation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak (officially COVID-19) continues to develop, we wanted to assure you that your health & safety continues to be our biggest priority.

2020 Baseball Tournaments


Governor Carney Announces Lifting Out-of-State Quarantine on June 1, 2020. 

Stay Tuned for More Details! We are ready to open and are very confident that we will see you on the field in June! 

The office will contact all coaches/admins regarding upcoming tournaments status through email as we continue to monitor the situation and ongoing concerns.

[email protected]

2019 Columbus Day Tournament - BB-09 (NO Leads)

2019 Columbus Day WinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1Delmarva Aces East3001.0001035
2Bagel Bombers Dear3010.8751542
3Loudoun Aces1110.5001619
4Bagel Bombers Sammons2200.5002245
5Mount Vernon Patriots 9U (Maroon)0300.000341
6Great Falls Colts0300.000472
Official Schedule (Last updated 06/04/2020 3:12am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Oct 12, 2019
8:30 AMSATB #09Delmarva Aces East15Bagel Bombers Sammons4
8:30 AMSATB #12Bagel Bombers Dear8Loudoun Aces8
10:45 AMSATB #09Delmarva Aces East13Mount Vernon Patriots 9U (Maroon)0
10:45 AMSATB #12Bagel Bombers Dear12Great Falls Colts2
1:00 PMSATB #09Loudoun Aces6Mount Vernon Patriots 9U (Maroon)1
1:00 PMSATB #12Bagel Bombers Sammons20Great Falls Colts0
QUARTER-FINALS :: Oct 12, 2019
1BYEDelmarva Aces East
2BYELoudoun Aces
QUARTER-FINALS :: Oct 13, 2019
38:30 AMSATB #12Bagel Bombers Dear15Great Falls Colts0
48:30 AMSATB #09Bagel Bombers Sammons15Mount Vernon Patriots 9U (Maroon)0
SEMI-FINALS :: Oct 13, 2019
110:45 AMSATB #09Delmarva Aces East7Bagel Bombers Sammons6
210:45 AMSATB #12Loudoun Aces5Bagel Bombers Dear7
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Oct 13, 2019
11:00 PMSATB #09Delmarva Aces EastBagel Bombers Dear
Pool Play 09

TIME LIMIT:(2) Two Hours : Play (2) Pool Games on Saturday to determine Seeds for Sunday. All teams are eligible for the Championship Bracket on Sunday. Sunday is Single-Elimination!!!! Good Luck!!!