Pappy Palooza | 2019 Father's Day Tournament - BB-14

2019 PappyWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1Delaware Yard Dawgs5001.000733
2Complete Game of PA 14U3100.750526
3Collegeville Spiders2200.5001829
4Yeti Baseball2200.5002118
5Top Lumber 14U2100.6671025
6West Deptford Eagles 2100.6672722
7Delmarva Aces Beach1200.333227
8Sportika Gallagher Select2200.5003028
9Batter's Alley Baseball Club1300.2502814
10Complete Game Academy0300.0002410
11Renegades AC0300.0003010
Official Schedule (Last updated 09/19/2019 4:41am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Jun 15, 2019
8:00 AMSATB #05Complete Game 14U9Delmarva Aces Beach0
8:00 AMSATB #08Complete Game Academy0Yeti Baseball8
10:30 AMSATB #05Complete Game 14U9Sportika Gallagher Select0
10:30 AMSATB #08Complete Game Academy3Delmarva Aces Beach7
1:00 PMSATB #05Batter's Alley Baseball Club0Delaware Yard Dawgs3
1:00 PMSATB #08Yeti Baseball3Top Lumber 14U13
3:30 PMSATB #05Renegades AC0Collegeville Spiders8
3:30 PMSATB #08Sportika Gallagher Select5West Deptford Eagles 10
6:00 PMSATB #05Delaware Yard Dawgs10Collegeville Spiders7
6:00 PMSATB #08Renegades AC8West Deptford Eagles 12
6:00 PMSATB #14Top Lumber 14U9Batter's Alley Baseball Club0
QUARTER-FINALS :: Jun 15, 2019
1BYEComplete Game of PA 14U
QUARTER-FINALS :: Jun 16, 2019
28:00 AMSATB #16Top Lumber 14U3Yeti Baseball7
38:00 AMSATB #08Delaware Yard Dawgs10Delmarva Aces Beach0
48:00 AMSATB #05West Deptford Eagles 0Collegeville Spiders14
SEMI-FINALS :: Jun 16, 2019
210:30 AMSATB #05Yeti Baseball0Delaware Yard Dawgs5
11:00 PMSATB #05Complete Game of PA 14U8Collegeville Spiders0
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Jun 16, 2019
13:30 PMSATB #05Complete Game of PA 14U0Delaware Yard Dawgs5
210:30 AMSATB #08Complete Game Academy7Sportika Gallagher Select9
11:00 PMSATB #08Batter's Alley Baseball Club10Renegades AC2
13:30 PMSATB #08Batter's Alley Baseball Club4Sportika Gallagher Select14
Pool Play 14

TIME LIMIT Two Hours: Play TWO (2) Pool Games on Saturday to determine the Seeds & Brackets for Sunday. The top 8 Seeds will play in the Championship Bracket with the bottom 4 Seeds playing in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday.  Sunday is Single-Elimination!!!! Good Luck!!!