Pappy Palooza | 2019 Father's Day Tournament - BB-08

2019 PappyWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1Bagel Bombers Sammons4001.000636
2Delmarva Aces3100.7501539
3Fielder's Choice 8u3100.7501844
4Stars Baseball Dempsey3100.7501944
58U Olney Pirates1200.3332111
6South Jersey Warriors1200.333278
7Bagel Bombers Dear2200.5003527
8BK Bandits1300.2504315
9Pa Titans0300.000265
10Marlton Baseball0300.0003415
Official Schedule (Last updated 09/19/2019 4:56am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Jun 15, 2019
8:30 AM2-Grotto FieldDelmarva Aces14South Jersey Warriors1
8:30 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsBagel Bombers Sammons15BK Bandits0
10:45 AM2-Grotto FieldDelmarva Aces118U Olney Pirates1
10:45 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsBagel Bombers Sammons11Marlton Baseball1
1:00 PM2-Grotto FieldSouth Jersey Warriors5Bagel Bombers Dear3
1:00 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsBK Bandits3Fielder's Choice 8u14
3:15 PM2-Grotto Field8U Olney Pirates10Pa Titans0
3:15 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsMarlton Baseball6Stars Baseball Dempsey14
5:30 PM2-Grotto FieldFielder's Choice 8u10Pa Titans0
5:30 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsBagel Bombers Dear6Stars Baseball Dempsey16
QUARTER-FINALS :: Jun 16, 2019
1BYEBagel Bombers Sammons
2BYEDelmarva Aces
38:30 AM2-Grotto FieldFielder's Choice 8u10South Jersey Warriors2
48:30 AM3-Buffalo Wild WingsStars Baseball Dempsey108U Olney Pirates0
SEMI-FINALS :: Jun 16, 2019
210:45 AM2-Grotto FieldDelmarva Aces13Fielder's Choice 8u10
11:00 PM2-Grotto FieldBagel Bombers Sammons7Stars Baseball Dempsey4
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Jun 16, 2019
13:15 PM2-Grotto FieldBagel Bombers Sammons3Delmarva Aces1
210:45 AMSATB #09Bagel Bombers Dear9Marlton Baseball8
11:00 PMSATB #09Pa Titans5BK Bandits6
13:15 PMSATB #09BK Bandits6Bagel Bombers Dear9
Pool Play 8 U

TIME LIMIT Two Hours: Play FOUR (4) Pool Games on Friday  and Saturday to determine the Seeds & Brackets for Sunday. The top 4 Seeds will play in the Championship Bracket with the bottom 3 Seeds playing in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday.  Sunday is Single-Elimination!!!! Good Luck!!!