The 42 Rundown | 2019 Jackie Robinson Tournament - BB-12

2019 JackieWinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1White Marsh Warriors4001.000930
2Vipers Baseball of DE4100.8003149
3Piedmont Bulls3100.7502225
4Delmarva Aces South2200.5001727
5Delaware Storm 12U1110.5001910
6Calvert Tide1200.3332124
712u Lakeshore Graysox1200.3332721
8VA Cannons Black2200.5002638
9Coaldale Tigers 12u1300.2502814
10Rawlings A's Prospects0210.167236
11NJ Crusaders0300.000265
Official Schedule (Last updated 12/08/2019 11:19pm)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Apr 13, 2019
1:00 PM2-Grotto FieldDelaware Storm 12U1Rawlings A's Prospects1
1:00 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsDelmarva Aces South4Coaldale Tigers 12u0
2:30 PM1-Championship FieldCalvert Tide0Piedmont Bulls7
2:30 PM2-Grotto FieldDelaware Storm 12U5NJ Crusaders4
2:30 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsDelmarva Aces South412u Lakeshore Graysox5
4:00 PM1-Championship FieldCalvert Tide14VA Cannons Black2
4:00 PM2-Grotto FieldRawlings A's Prospects3Vipers Baseball of DE7
4:00 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsCoaldale Tigers 12u1White Marsh Warriors5
5:30 PM1-Championship FieldPiedmont Bulls8VA Cannons Black3
5:30 PM2-Grotto Field12u Lakeshore Graysox9Vipers Baseball of DE15
5:30 PM3-Buffalo Wild WingsNJ Crusaders0White Marsh Warriors10
QUARTER-FINALS :: Apr 13, 2019
1BYEWhite Marsh Warriors
QUARTER-FINALS :: Apr 14, 2019
39:00 AM2-Grotto FieldVipers Baseball of DE12Calvert Tide10
49:00 AM1-Championship FieldDelaware Storm 12U4Delmarva Aces South14
211:15 AM2-Grotto FieldPiedmont Bulls812u Lakeshore Graysox7
SEMI-FINALS :: Apr 14, 2019
111:15 AM1-Championship FieldWhite Marsh Warriors8Delmarva Aces South5
21:30 PM1-Championship FieldPiedmont Bulls2Vipers Baseball of DE12
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Apr 14, 2019
13:45 PM1-Championship FieldWhite Marsh Warriors7Vipers Baseball of DE3
19:00 AMSATB #09Rawlings A's Prospects2VA Cannons Black15
211:15 AMSATB #09Coaldale Tigers 12u11NJ Crusaders1
11:30 PMSATB #09VA Cannons Black18Coaldale Tigers 12u2
Pool Play 12

TIME LIMIT Two Hours: Play TWO (2) Pool Games on Saturday to determine the Seeds & Brackets for Sunday. The top 6 Seeds will play in the Championship Bracket with the bottom 4 Seeds playing in the Consolation Bracket on Sunday.  Sunday is Single-Elimination!!!! Good Luck!!!