Old Glory Days 2017 - BB-13

Old Glory Days 2017WinLossTiePercentageR/AR/S
1Vipers Baseball South6001.00022102
2Akadema Warriors4200.6672863
3Delaware Rockets3110.7002438
4Tri State Arsenal Navy3300.5005943
5Lancaster Cobras 2210.5005534
6Diamond Baseball Academy4200.6674056
7South Fayette Lions1500.1674525
8Towsontowne T-Birds Blue1400.2006216
9C5T ELITE 13U0500.0005917
Official Schedule (Last updated 04/29/2021 10:40am)
TOURNAMENT PLAY :: Jul 01, 2017
8:00 AMSATB #10Diamond Baseball Academy8C5T ELITE 13U5
10:30 AMSATB #10Diamond Baseball Academy16Towsontowne T-Birds Blue1
10:30 AMSATB #11Akadema Warriors5Lancaster Cobras 6
10:30 AMSATB #13South Fayette Lions2Tri State Arsenal Navy4
1:00 PMSATB #10Akadema Warriors11Towsontowne T-Birds Blue1
1:00 PMSATB #11Lancaster Cobras 5Vipers Baseball South20
1:00 PMSATB #13Delaware Rockets12Tri State Arsenal Navy0
3:30 PMSATB #10South Fayette Lions3Delaware Rockets7
3:30 PMSATB #11C5T ELITE 13U1Vipers Baseball South14
Jul 02, 2017
8:00 AMSATB #10South Fayette Lions1Akadema Warriors14
8:00 AMSATB #11Towsontowne T-Birds Blue8C5T ELITE 13U7
8:00 AMSATB #13Tri State Arsenal Navy9Diamond Baseball Academy8
10:30 AMSATB #10South Fayette Lions1Vipers Baseball South12
10:30 AMSATB #11Towsontowne T-Birds Blue5Delaware Rockets11
10:30 AMSATB #13Tri State Arsenal Navy10Lancaster Cobras 15
1:00 PMSATB #10C5T ELITE 13U4Akadema Warriors19
1:00 PMSATB #11Diamond Baseball Academy7Vipers Baseball South24
1:00 PMSATB #13Delaware Rockets5Lancaster Cobras 5
QUARTER-FINALS :: Jul 02, 2017
1BYEVipers Baseball South
2BYEDelaware Rockets
3BYEAkadema Warriors
QUARTER-FINALS :: Jul 03, 2017
48:00 AMSATB #11Lancaster Cobras 3Tri State Arsenal Navy15
SEMI-FINALS :: Jul 03, 2017
110:30 AMSATB #11Vipers Baseball South19Tri State Arsenal Navy5
210:30 AMSATB #10Delaware Rockets3Akadema Warriors11
CHAMPIONSHIP :: Jul 03, 2017
11:00 PMSATB #11Vipers Baseball South13Akadema Warriors3
28:00 AMSATB #13Towsontowne T-Birds Blue1South Fayette Lions17
110:30 AMSATB #13Diamond Baseball Academy10C5T ELITE 13U0
11:00 PMSATB #13Diamond Baseball Academy7South Fayette Lions1
Pool Play 13 B

TIME LIMIT Two Hours: Play FOUR (4) Pool Games on Saturday and Sunday to determine the Seeds & Brackets for Monday. The top 6 Seeds  will play in the Championship Bracket and the bottom 5 Seeds will play in Consolation Bracket  on Monday.  Monday is Single-Elimination!!!! Good Luck!!!