2022 Big Bang Rumble

  • Jun 04, 2022 to Jun 05, 2022
  • $1,050.00
  • Baseball
  • CABA
June 4th - 5th, 2022
* Two Days - Three (3) Game Minimum *
Teams from all over the East Coast are heading to Sports at the Beach to clash in the Big Bang Rumble! Beaches, Baseball & Fun will be the story this weekend!
2021 Baseball Tournaments

* Priced By Team *

Prices may vary by age

$250 Deposit Must Be Paid To Reserve Your Spot. Balance is Due 60 Days From Tournament.

SATB Tournament Details & Format

Big Bang Rumble: Two day weekend tournament with 2 Pool Play games on Saturday and single elimination on Sunday.

Games may start as early as 8am.  Requests must be submitted up to 2 weeks prior to your tournament. The schedule will be released after 5pm on the Monday prior to your tournament.

To View the Tournament Schedule and Available Divisions, Click The "Register" Tab Above.

Tournament Highlights

  • All Games On-Site Site
  • Three (3) Game Minimum
  • Championship Trophies for 1st & 2nd place teams
  • Sixteen All Natural Bermuda Grass Fields
  • Outdoor Batting Cages at Each Field
  • Live Streaming available from HICAST.com
  • Playgrounds, Basketball Courts, Fishing Ponds & Pool

Tournament Details

  • Follows American MLB Rules
  • Official SATB Game Balls at Check-in
  • Two-hour time limit (no new innings)
  • No time limit on Championship Games
  • 8U through 13U - no bat restrictions
  • 14U -3 BBCOR bats
  • 15U and above - wood bats only
  • Minor/Major Options require 6 Team Minimum or may be combined
  • All 7 U thru 12 U games may have 1 Umpire (except Championship Game)

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BB-10 (Limit 8)$1,050

  1. Morris County Cubs
  2. GVAA Vikings
  3. East Coast Titans
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BB-11 (Limit 10)$1,050

  1. Morris County Cubs
  2. Bagel Bombers Myers/Smith
  3. Delaware Fury
  4. Garden City Spartans
  5. Complete Game Academy
  6. WC Dragons NL
  7. Titan Elite
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BB-12 (Limit 15)$1,050

  1. Morris County Cubs Navy
  2. Morris County Cubs White
  3. Burlington Twp Falcons
  4. Mount Vernon Mavericks
  5. Sandlot Baseball Academy
  6. Wolfpack Baseball
  7. Lionville Hillcats
  8. Interboro Bucs
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BB-13 (Limit 20)$1,150

  1. Morris County Cubs Navy
  2. Morris County Cubs White
  3. Morris County Cubs Gray
  4. Bucks County Generals 13u Black
  5. Frederick Hustlers
  6. Wild Bill
  7. West Shore Sharks
  8. Mount Vernon Mavericks
  9. Wild Bill-Orange
  10. Delmarva Aces Coastal
  11. Potomac Riverdogs
  12. Avon Grove Bulldogs
  13. WC Dragons 13 Col
  14. WC Dragons NL
  15. Delmarva Aces East
  16. Mount Vernon Mavericks White
  17. Bethesda Blue Rays
  18. NOVA Premier White
  19. Delmarva Aces Beach
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BB-14 (Limit 10)$1,150

  1. Morris County Cubs Navy
  2. Morris County Cubs White
  3. Canes Mid Atlantic 14U Gold
  4. Delmarva Aces Upstate
  5. ECP Baseball 14U
  6. Wayne PAL Wolfpack
  7. Mid Atlantic Shockers Thomas
  8. KCD Freedom
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BB-15-16 (Limit 15)$1,150

  1. Morris County Cubs Navy 15U
  2. Delmarva Aces Upstate 16U
  3. API Academy 16U
  4. Bagel Bombers 2024/2025
  5. 5 Star Mid-Atlantic Select South
  6. Delmarva Aces East 16U
  7. Mountain Valley Bulls
  8. DE Vipers
  9. API Cavaliers Red
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Tournament Schedule 

An Official Schedule will be posted at check-in. (Registration Schedule is Official.) Game times and field locations will be posted on our website at 5:00pm ET on the Monday prior to the tournament start. Once the schedule is posted, we will make every effort to avoid altering it.  However, cancellations and other last-minute circumstances may necessitate a change.  The Main Contact For your team will be notified of any changes. If Your Account is Past due your Team will not be on the schedule.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE Regarding Notifications 

All notifications regarding registration, financial transactions, cancelations and scheduling will be sent to the e-mail address provided during Coaches Access sign-up. We will require authentication of your e-mail account during the sign-up process. You are responsible for providing a valid e-mail address and contact information. When submitting an email address, please be conscious of filtering that may block these important messages. 

Tournament Item Check List 

The following items are required in order to play at Sports at the Beach and must be in order at Tournament Check - in.  

You must use the Official SATB Roster Form.  It has fields for all of the information that is needed. Your roster must be submitted for each tournament. Awards are only presented to players on roster and in attendance. Maximum of 15 individual awards per team.

  • Insurance Information 

You must have team insurance to participate.  When you arrive, you will need to sign a Release Waiver stating that you have insurance. If you would like to get ahead of the game here is a link to download the insurance registration form, print & complete this file & turn it in to the welcome center when checking in your team on the first day of your tournament!

PDF icon Release Waiver.pdf

  • Birth Certificates 

You must have Birth Certificates for each player listed on your roster.  The COACH must have Hard Copies or Digital Copies in one place in their possession. Parents, Fans & Family having individual copies do not satisfy this requirement. You will be signing a Release Waiver stating that the coach has these available in their possession in the event that a protest or request is made. A tournament director reserves the right to request documentation at any time. Please review game rules and protest policy for further details. 

  • CABA (Continental Amateur Baseball Association) Registration 

Sports at the Beach is affiliated with CABA. Each team must have a CABA registration number to play at SATB. The CABA registration fee is $30.00 and is separate from Sports at the Beach. At the time of check-in, you will fill out a form for CABA registration and checks can be made payable to CABA-Delaware. The CABA registration is good from  - September 1 through August 31. If your team has played at Sports at the Beach during the current season, we have your CABA number on file. If you would like to get ahead of the game here is a link to download the CABA registration form, print & complete this file & turn it in to the welcome center when checking in your team on the first day of your tournament!

PDF icon2023 Single CABA Team Registration Form.pdf

VERY IMPORTANT: Coaches are responsible for proper documentation!!! (We do not want your team or player to be ineligible because paperwork isn't provided). Failure to have Birth Certificates in your possession WILL result in removal of said player or players from the game and they will not be allowed to continue the next game or games until documentation is provided. The Tournament Director will have full and final say on penalty for not having Birth Certificates.  

Welcome to the 2022 Tournament Season!

Coaches, Baseball Moms, Team Admin? No worries about what you need to do! We made it easy - Check out our Tournament Checklist and FAQ's Below

 To Do: Before Your Tournament 

  1. Submit Your deposit/payment to guarantee your spot. Deposits are due seven (7) days from registration; Balance is due 60 days from tournament start date.  

  2. Book accommodations early for best rates and availability. 

  3. Complete and submit your Team Roster no later than one (1) week prior to your tournament. Changes may be made right up until Tournament Check-in.  

  4. Pre-Order Team Tournament T-Shirts. Must be ordered one week prior to the tournament. Shirts are personalized with your team name, and are available in cotton (short sleeve) or Dri-Fit (long and short sleeve).

   Team Tournament Shirts



Coach Check In 

Game Day Check-in for the tournament occurs in the Welcome Center located just off the main parking lot. Please review the following procedure:  

  • Only the Head Coach / Team Manager needs to check in their team. 

  • Official Game Balls will be distributed at this time.  These are all the balls you will receive! Additional Game Balls will be provided for FINAL Championship Games Only!  

  • Team Admission Passes (up to 3 per team) and reimbursements for first day admission will be given to the team representative at time of check-in. Coaches should see their team representative to receive their reimbursement and to receive weekend passes. Refunds and weekend passes will only be provided to the Coach who has checked the team in. A valid, paid parking ticket is required in order to receive reimbursement.  

  • Bring $30 cash or check if your team CABA membership is expired or the team playing is not currently a CABA member. 

  • Please have copies of the team roster, and birth certificates or National Photo Identification with birth date. 

Tournaments include the following: 

  • Official SATB Baseballs (Pick up at Check-In) 

  • Three team passes for Admission 

  • Trophies/Jackets and Medals 

  • First Class Umpires (ages 8-9-10 will have single-umpire in Pool Play; ages 8-12 will have single-umpire in all consolation games) 

  • Consolation Brackets (Most tournaments advance winners in the Consolation Bracket. Please check your tournament format.)  

  • Batting Cages at Each Field 

  • Spectator Seating & Scoreboards (spectator operated)  

  • Basketball Courts, Playgrounds, and Swimming Pool (No Fee) 

  • Complete use of on-site facility recreations 

    Registration Process 

All registrations are to be made using the SATB website. Payments must be made via our website using a credit card, or by using a check made payable to Sports at the Beach and mailed to 22518 Lewes Georgetown Hwy, Georgetown, DE 19947. Lack of, or tardiness of, payment will result in automatic loss of roster position and placement on a waiting list. Your spot is not guaranteed until payment is made in full. 

Payment Policy 

A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of $250.00 is due within seven (7) days of registration.  Full payment must be received sixty (60) days or more in advance of the tournament. If full payment is not received, the team will be placed on the waiting list and could lose the spot to another team. New registrations within sixty (60) days of tournament require immediate full payment via credit card. 

Date of payment receipt will determine tournament registrant roster. Sports at the Beach is not responsible if a Credit Card is not accepted or is rejected by our system or by your banking institution.  Cash payment is not accepted for tournaments, camps, or dormitories. 

Credit Cards 

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted when making online credit card payments. All transactions are protected with 128-bit SSL encryption for security and protection of your privacy.  


Checks are required to be received 14 days prior to the actual due date.  Checks should be made payable to Sports at the Beach and should reference your Order Number in the memo section.  You will receive an automatic email confirmation when your check is processed within our system. 

Sports at the Beach also accepts certified and cashier's checks within 14 days of due date. 

Age Determination 

The Sports at the Beach age determination runs from September 1 through August 31 the following calendar year. Sports at the Beach determines the age of a player by an April 30th cutoff. For the 2023 season (September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023) the age of the player is determined by their age on April 30th, 2023. To determine the correct age bracket of a player: 

What age will your player be on April 30, 2023? - The answer is the Age Bracket for which your player qualifies.  

Birth Certificates 

VERY IMPORTANT: Coaches are responsible for proper documentation!!! (We do not want your team or player to be ineligible because paperwork isn't provided). Failure to have Birth Certificates in your possession WILL result in removal of said player or players from the game and they will not be allowed to continue the next game or games until documentation is provided. The Tournament Director will have full and final say on penalty for not having Birth Certificates. 


No protest will be allowed for judgment calls. Protests will be allowed for rules only and must be decided before restart of play. A $200.00 payment must accompany protest and will be returned if protest is upheld. A protest is only "Official" if accompanied with a $200.00 protest fee and done before the next pitch. The $200.00 fee will be donated to the Special Olympics if protest is denied. The same fee will apply for protests and Birth Certificates; a coach may protest a Player's age before or during a game, the tournament director will ask to see the birth certificate or proper verification, if it cannot be provided the game will stop and the Player or Player's will be removed at that point. The player or players will not be allowed to continue in the tournament until proper verification is given. The $200.00 protest fee will be returned if protest is upheld. 

Game Time 

Teams must be at their assigned field ready to play one (1) hour prior to the game time. Please be advised that games may start early.  There is no Infield Practice prior to the games; please warm-up in outfield grass area only. We request all players stay together as a team. We have a very nice concession stand for your convenience, but if you wish to go out for your meal, please report back in time for your next game. We will start early if games are complete, so please be ready to play if we start early. 


Without your team's participation in our tournaments, our facility would not be successful and we therefore value your business. However, coaches must understand the issues that are created when a team registers for a tournament and then does not participate.  These issues can affect our ability to run a first class youth baseball tournament and can have a severe negative impact on the other organizations that have committed to play. 

We do realize that circumstances beyond one's control can occur from time to time and cannot always be foreseen ahead of time.  Therefore, we have instituted a very simple, and what we believe to be fair, cancelation policy. 

The cancellation policy for weekend tournaments is as follows: 

  • Please remember that the $250.00 deposit is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. 

  • Teams that cancel their tournament registration prior to the release of the schedule on Monday will be refunded their money minus the deposit. 

  • Teams that cancel after the schedule has been released are not eligible to receive a refund. 

  • Cancellation notification should be provided by the initial registrant in written form (e-mail, fax or letter). 

  • Not being present at tournament check-in is not considered a cancellation; it is considered as a "no-show" and therefore no refund will be due or issued. 

  • Please note that any money refunded by Sports at the Beach will be done so via the original transaction method used (credit card or check). 

Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather 

The safety of our players, coaches and spectators is of the utmost importance to Sports at the Beach and weather related decisions are not made lightly. We will make every effort possible to complete the tournament in the time period allotted. We are not however, able to continue or extend a tournament to another day or weekend. We put our reputation on the line each and every time we run a tournament and we therefore will make every effort possible to see that all games are played and all tournaments completed.  

Sports at the Beach utilizes an automatic calling system to keep coaches updated regarding all weather decisions. In the event of a weather-related delay or cancellation, all coaches will be contacted by this automated system. 

Other information regarding these decisions can be found on our homepage, and on our Twitter and Facebook feeds. 

The following guidelines are used for determining account credits due to weather cancellations: 

  • 0 Games Played: 100% Credit issued 

  • 1 Game Played: 75% Credit issued 

  • 2 or more games played will be considered an "Official Tournament" and are not due a credit. 



PDF icon DormRoomFloorPlan.pdf

Any SATB policy is subject to change at any time without notice.  Any such changes will be published here.