Safety Guidelines | Approved to Play Baseball

2020 Baseball Tournaments


Sports at the Beach is approved to resume tournament play under the plans submitted The plan submitted and approved is specific to Sports at the Beach and should be considered an addition to general business and other applicable guidelines.- Jamie Mack, MPA Chief – Health Systems Protection  - Delaware Department of Health and Social Services - Division of Public Health


These are certainly unsettling times as COVID-19 has swept through the nation, affecting both, our personal and professional lives. We would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts, along with the coaches, players and teams who have helped make the unfortunate process of postponing the first half of the season a fluid transition!
Our top priority continues to be the safety of our staff and guests attending our events and we will be taking all necessary precautions to reduce the chance for the spread of germs and maintain a safe and healthy environment. In partnership with the DE Sport task force, state requirements and CDC guidelines we have made operational changes and minor game adjustments as outlined below.
All other game rules apply and all decisions by a tournament director will be final. The rules below apply to phase one of Delaware reopening and are subject to change as restrictions are lifted.
Coaches will be notified by email and on the website of tournament specific rules and regulations.

We know it is challenging operating under any restrictions; however, we are confident that by allowing common sense to prevail we can all make this work with a few adjustments and enjoy taking the field together sooner, rather than later!
SAFETY Guidelines For SATB 
Sports at the Beach is approved to resume tournament play under the plans submitted The plan submitted and approved is specific to Sports at the Beach and should be considered an addition to general business and other applicable guidelines.
When not actively playing the sport, participants should continue to practice social distancing.
• Home plate umpire will stand behind pitcher’s mound (socially distanced from pitcher) in order to call balls & strikes.
• The ball should be rotated out as frequently as it can or should be disinfected between innings.
• Equipment (bats, gloves, catchers gear, etc), should not be shared between players.
• Social Distancing in dugouts and in stands.
• Base coaches should distance from baserunners, players and umpires in field of play.
• No community water cooler
• No spitting, chewing gum, or sunflower seeds
• Individual teams should use their own set of baseballs or softballs (for warm up) 
• Spectators are permitted, but must social distance.
Be Safe & Social Distancing
Face coverings are not required but must be worn for entrance to Pro Shop, Restrooms or whenever proximity to other guests or staff cannot be avoided! Guests must maintain at least 6 feet separation from others and apply social distancing rules in all public situations. 
Face coverings are not required for children age 12 years or younger & children age 2 years or younger must not wear a face covering because of the risk of suffocation.
Ban on all “physical contact” among coaches, players, fans, staff & umpires.
The ban includes “customary game-related activities” such as pregame and postgame handshakes between teams and coaches, as well as in-game celebrations. Instead, staff, players and coaches should use verbal queues, such as saying "good game", without shaking hands, high-fiving or fist-bumping. 
Please do not approach staff and direct all tournament related questions to your assigned head coach who may contact the pro shop or the umpire to make inquiries or request a tournament director.  
The rules are the rules and coaches must inform spectators and parents to remain in a dedicated public area and avoid staff contact. If you feel you cannot abide by the regulations we ask that you do not attend!
When To Stay Home

If you are ill; have a fever, cough, or respiratory condition; have a compromised immune system; are in any other group that may be at an increased risk of contracting a virus like the coronavirus; or have recently come in contact with someone who is sick or has traveled to a state or country listed on the CDC’s Risk Assessment, we encourage you to refrain from any public activities until cleared by your healthcare provider.


2020 Baseball Tournaments

SATB Guidelines & Adjustments
  • Concession Stands will be open and operated under take-out restaurant guidelines. Please maintain distance when ordering and awaiting pick up.
  • All Bleachers & Public seating will be limited or indicated as not available. Spectators should supply their own chairs / blankets.
  • Spectators & teams may not approach a field until it is clear of all other players and staff.
  • Due to state capacity restrictions the Pool will remain closed.  
  • Playgrounds will be closed and we recommend outdoor toys & activities for younger children.
  • Tournament tee’s are pre-order only and must be picked up by 4pm the first day of the tournament. Team orders are encouraged for reducing contact amongst staff and guests.
Temporary Game Rule Adjustments
  • All games will be 1:50 minutes to provide extra time to disinfect dugouts
  • Pregame meetings with umpire will take place with Social Distancing in place.
  • The dugout is provided to your team and coaches are responsible for deciding and informing your team of your rules regarding use. The dugout will be disinfected in between games.
  • One umpire per field stationed 6 foot behind the pitcher, not in the customary position behind the catcher. Please keep in mind that is is very diffcult to see the lines in regard to fair or foul. He will do his best.
Please understand that It is unrealistic for us to monitor all guests at events of this size, so we ask that all attendees abide by these rules as
violators will not be tolerated and they will be asked to leave. NO refunds will be provided!
In conclusion, we feel confident that with your support and commitment we can make this work. We are one of the largest tournament venues in the country and eyes will be on us to make sure we are following procedures, let's all use some common sense and enjoy the game! 
Parents & Fans Please Direct Inquiries to your Head Coach