Practice & Play Sessions

Social Play & Practice with a Pro come together in this new format! 

We all have those skills we aren't comfortable (or confident) enough to use when we play. Do you try to show up early for Social Play…just to practice them for maybe 10 minutes? How’s your serve - are you consistently placing it where you want 95% of the time? What about your kitchen (net) play - are the “bangers” still giving you fits?  Well, here you go: a special session to practice (with instruction) for the first 30-45 minutes…then PLAY with players that are doing the same as you.

This class is designed to mix Practicing & Playing without pressure and embarrassment of trying something new! You can even use your “new Pickleball super powers” playing against (or with) Doug himself. This program was a huge success last season!

The structure of these sessions devotes the first half to specific skill practice, with the second half spent on the court in social play. Every week will have a different development focus...from mastering your serves to cooking up new kitchen play strategies, come and learn how to get even better at the sport you love! Doug Worman (a popular local pickleball instructor who teaches all skill levels) is already planning a variety of themes for you, and he's excited to offer this wonderful opportunity for all ages and skill levels.

Doug Worman Pickleball Lessons

Weekly Skill Themes. Rotated Weekly!

  • The Serve: Want to add a second serve to your play, become more consistent with your serve, or just get some practice and pointers?
  • Kitchen Play: Practice your moves and strategy on the court to cook up a win in the kitchen!
  • Groundstrokes: Improve placement and putting the ball where you want it. Practice the "dreaded" backhand!
  • Placement: Your court presence and position will go to the next level with this session!
  • Third Shot: This shot is "Crucial" if you want to improve. Find Out Why! 
  • Tactics: Do you play "reaction" or "plan ahead" Pickleball? Learn to be in right place at the right time. Tactics Focuses on learning how to set up the next shot.
  • Drop Shot: Drop Shot, a technique that allows the ball to be lifted just right so that it drops into the opponent's kitchen. Learn it, master it, and your opponents will be forced to counter your moves, giving you the upper hand and control of the game.
  • Practice Without Pressure: Do you find yourself making the same mistakes again and again? When are you taking the time to correct them? While you’re playing? 10-minute warm-up? Let’s stop the madness! Correct the mistakes then play without the pressure.



Dates & times are subject to change - please visit Sign Up Genius for current times & availability.


Meet The Indoor Instructor: Doug Worman is a locally-based instructor offering 25 years' teaching experience with sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, and pickleball. He has trained and coached both teams and individuals across Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania. From youth sports to varsity players, Doug has worked with a wide range of ages and abilities...including adults! Nowadays, he continues to share his expertise with the community through our popular Pickleball intro classes and Player Development sessions, with even more programs in the works. Doug and his wife Jeannie can usually be found on the Indoor courts, actively enabling new Pickleball addicts from all across the Delaware beaches area. The Indoor Academy is thrilled to have this instructor in our corner!