Pickleball Skills & Drills

Ever been en route to social play and asked yourself "When will I get a chance to practice and experiment something new (slice/cut shot, alley shot, etc)?" If your answer was '10 minutes before the session begins' (or even 'I'll just wing it on the court') then Skills & Drills at The Indoor is the perfect solution is for YOU! Join us on Monday or Tuesday nights and improve your game as you play.*Each class is "tailored" to fine-tuning with Game Playing*

Pickleball Skills & Drills Player Development

New and Improving Players are invited to attend this session and Work on Your Social Play Game! Each class is tailored to "fine-tuning" with Game Playing. Improve Kitchen Play, Placement, Groundstrokes & Serves!

Instructor Tip: If you've taken the Intro to PB classes and you're ready for social play....GO PLAY! However, if you're still not completely comfortable on the courts, this class is designed to "get you there". TAKE THIS CLASS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE! You'll enjoy playing the game as you improve your technique at this session.




Doug Worman Pickleball Instructor

Meet The Indoor Instructor!

Doug Worman is a locally-based instructor offering 25 years' teaching experience with sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, and pickleball. He has trained and coached both teams and individuals across Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania. From youth sports to varsity players, Doug has worked with a wide range of ages and abilities...including adults! Nowadays, he continues to share his expertise with the community through our popular Pickleball intro classes and Player Development sessions, with even more programs in the works. Doug and his wife Jeannie can usually be found on the Indoor courts, actively enabling new Pickleball addicts from all across the Delaware beaches area. The Indoor Academy is thrilled to have this instructor in our corner!



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