Pickleball Product Demo & Social Play Sessions!

Have you been looking for some input on your pickleball gear? Wondering what to try next, or the types of equipment best suited for your style? The Indoor Academy is excited to announce that Vaughn Baker will be leading a pickleball paddle clinic to help you decide what you need for your game on Saturday, November 12th! This event offers 2 sessions - one at 4:00pm and one at 6:00pm. Both sessions will include a product demo and social play court time. Each session is limited to 24 participants, and costs $5.00 per participant; all proceeds will be donated to the First State Pickleball Club.

Vaughn Baker has a rich history in tennis, and introduced around the world some of the most successful tennis rackets ever sold. Besides working with the top tennis professionals in the world for Wilson Sporting Goods, Baker introduced the Prince Tennis Racket and later the Wimbledon Tennis Racket lines. He led the introduction of the Wilson Chris Evert Autograph, the first-ever tennis racket for women, and he will make available the first-ever pickleball paddle specifically designed for women, which he actively encouraged the pickleball paddle company Pro-Lite to introduce. Baker is a representative of Pro-Lite Pickleball Paddles, the same company endorsed by national champion Sarah Ansboury (who also recently visited the Indoor Academy).

Although design and manufacturing processes are different, the materials used today in pickleball equipment are the same as used in tennis. Baker will explain what benefits to expect from these various materials. His clinic is designed to help you better select a paddle for your game.

After a presentation about these composite construction differences, Baker will have various paddles for you to play with and compare. There will be open play for approximately ninety minutes as participants try different paddles. Pro-Lite Paddles will also be available for sale during that session.

WHEN: Saturday, November 12th  |  TIME: 4:00pm or 6:00pm  |  COST: $5.00 donation per participant