East Coast Classics

ALL Skill Levels and Teams Divisions are Invited to Come Together for Spring Fun at SATB!

  2020 Baseball Tournaments 


East Coast Classic Weekend Tournaments will feature specific age divisions each week and features our annual Skills Competition on Saturday night. The Skills Competition offers Individual & Team awards and provides a opportunity for the teams to meet their competition and show off their Skills.  

East Coast Classic - Dates & Divisions!


About The Saturday Night ECC Skills Competition


One player from each team is timed running the bases from home to home. 

Any missed base will result in disqualification.

The top 3 qualifiers from preliminary round will participate in the Finals!!

Golden Gun & Catch:

One player will throw & one player will catch from each team. A player (thrower) will be placed in center field and the catcher will be positioned at home plate. The thrower will get 3 throws to his catcher and points will be determined by accuracy & catch. 

The top 3 qualifiers from preliminary round will participate in the Finals!!

King of Pop

One player from each team will get 5 swings from his coach or teammate in a Home Run Derby format.

The top 3 qualifiers from preliminary round will participate in final round for the King of Pop trophy.

Around the Diamond

Each team will position 9 players in the appropriate positions and will compete in an Around the Diamond relay race. The Pitcher throws to the Catcher, the Catcher throws to Third, Third throws to Second, Second throws to First, First throws to the Catcher, Catcher throws to Shortstop, Shortstop throws to Right Field, Right Field throws to Center Field, Center Field throws to Left Field, Left Field throws to Home. 

The top 3 qualifiers from preliminary round will participate in the Finals!

All the scoring rules will be provided at the night of the competition.

A Special Sports at the Beach trophy will be given to each Individual Champion and to all Team Champions.

INDIVIDUAL & TEAM SKILLS AWARDS INCLUDE: Giant Trophies, Custom Plaques, East Coast Trading Pins


2020 Baseball Tournaments

2020 Baseball Tournaments

2020 Baseball Tournaments

Sounds Great - What are the Qualifications to Participate?

You must be a baseball team and you must play in one of the age divisions listed. Otherwise, there are no restrictions - this is an all-inclusive Spring Tournament Series!

So my Minor Team is invited too? What dates should I register for?

Correct - Minor Teams are absolutely welcome to play in the East Coast Series! To find the right date for your age division, check out the 4 tournament dates at the top of the page.


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