Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that all of the answers to your questions can be found in the information below. If not, please call us at 302-856-7400 and we will assist you in any way possible.

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Sports at the Beach Baseball will not be making changes to current bat rules for the 2022 season. For detailed bat rules, Click Here 

Our Most Common Question:

What is the physical address of your facility?

Sports at the Beach
22518 Lewes-Georgetown Hwy
Georgetown, DE 19947

Coach + Player FAQ's

When will the schedule be posted?

Schedules are posted on our website at 5 PM the Monday prior to the tournament.

Where can I find the game rules?

The Official Game Rules are located in the Tournament section of this website.

Can I transfer my deposit to another tournament?

Our deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

When and where do I check in?

For weekend tournaments, the manager needs to check-in in the Welcome Center at least one (1) hour prior to the team's first game.

Is there a dress code for the coaches?

Not specifically. Coaches are not required to wear a uniform during the games, but are expected to be dressed appropriately.

What is the age cut-off date?

The Sports at the Beach age determination runs from September 1 through August 31 the following calendar year.

Does our team need its own insurance?

Yes. Each team must provide a copy of their liability insurance at check in in the Welcome Center. Please contact your insurance company and ask for a copy of the "Certificate of Liability". Teams will not be allowed to play without this.

Do teams need to bring baseballs?

Game balls are provided by Sports at the Beach, they will be picked up at check-in. Teams should bring their own practice balls.

When will the game results be posted?

Game results are posted in our system as the game scores are received. The standings automatically update live on our website and our Welcome Center has printouts of each age bracket posted as well.

How do I decide if my Team is Minor or Major? Answer these questions:

Can your team compete against average or above average teams? Has your current team finished in the top 3 of any tournament? Does your team have solid experienced players?

If you answered yes to any of the above we encourage you to play in the Major Division.

Is your team new or have you added new players and have not determined their skill level as a team? Do you feel your team needs tournament experience? Do your players need to gain a little more confidence ? 
If you answered yes to any of the above we encourage you to play in the Minor Division.
Where can I find more information about the baseball fields?

What pitching and base distances do you use for each age group at Sports at the Beach?

  • 8U uses 42 foot pitching distance and 70 foot bases, traditional Little League rules will be used for this Division, no leads.
  • 9U uses 44 foot pitching distance and 70 foot bases. MLB Rules apply, leads, balks, dropped third strike
  • 10U uses 47 foot pitching distance and 70 foot bases. MLB Rules apply, leads, balks, dropped third strike
  • 11/12U uses 50 foot pitching distance and 70 foot bases. MLB Rules apply, leads, balks, dropped third strike
  • 13U uses 60 foot pitching distance and 90 foot bases. MLB Rules apply, leads, balks, dropped third strike
  • 14U uses 60 foot pitching distance and 90 foot bases. MLB Rules apply, leads, balks, dropped third strik
  • 15/16U uses 60 foot pitching distance and 90 foot bases and WOOD bats only. MLB Rules apply, leads, balks, dropped third strike
  • 17 & Over uses 60 foot pitching distance and 90 foot bases and WOOD bats only. MLB Rules apply, leads, balks, dropped third strike

Complete Rules Click Here >

Family + Visitor FAQ's

Where can I fi​nd a place to stay?

Sports at the Beach offers on-site dorms for teams. These fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve yours in advance! We also have provided a list of local hotels and campgrounds in our area, which can be found on our Accommodations page. When planning accommodations, please remember that any team in a weekend tournament may play on Friday morning from 8am onward.

When is the tournament schedule released?

Tournament schedules are released after 5:00 pm on the Monday before the tournament. To view the schedule, visit our Tournaments section and click on the desired tournament title. After doing so, your web page should appear in the format shown below. Click on "Register || Participating Teams" to see all age divisions, and select "View Schedule" at the bottom of any division to view that schedule. 

Is there an admission fee?

There is an admission fee to enter the facility. During Tournaments, admission to SATB's 100-acre park is $7.00 per person, per day with the exception of children under the age of 12  and players in uniform. Admission includes full all-day access to on-site amenities such as the basketball courts, fishing ponds, playgrounds as well as our tax-free Pro Shop and concessions stands. Additionally, a season pass can be purchased for $47.00 for the Season running March to October. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TICKET FOR RE-ENTRY! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Do you have concessions?

Yes, we have a food service department that supplies concessions to three concession stands located throughout the complex. Currently 2 out of our 3 concessions stands accept credit/debit cards, but bringing cash is recommended as no ATMs are available on-site. 

Do you have a Pro Shop? 

Yes, we do have a newly -remodeled Gift/Pro Shop offering tournament shirts, baseball-themed apparel, jewelry, and much more! A wide variety of Pro sports items are also in stock. Pre-order your tournament shirt by 12pm the Friday before your tournament (1 week prior) to guarantee availability! The Pro Shop is located within the same building as our Welcome Center, where teams can check-in and visitors can receive complex information and special assistance, if needed.

We are staying on-site in the Sports Village dorms. Is it located inside the complex? How do I reserve? What should we bring?

Find out all the essential information about Sports Village dorms by clicking here!


Am I permitted to bring my RV/camper?

Yes. Because we do not have RV/camper hookups at our complex, RV's must be self-contained and we ask that you keep the area around your vehicle(s) clean. RV's must check in at Welcome Center for a parking permit, which includes overnight parking. Permits must be prominently displayed in the vehicle window at all times. An RV Parking Permit is $30 per night, and includes 2 daily admission passes. Additional Passes may be purchased at the Welcome Center. For the safety of our visitors, the names and ages of all guests staying in the vehicle must be submitted when requesting a permit.

Can I bring my own cooler into the park?

Yes, with a caveat. Because we do offer concessions at our complex, we ask that you do not bring large coolers of food on our tournament fields or near concessions stands. However, we know that rehydration and fuel is important for players and spectators alike, particularly in the heat of summertime. Large coolers of water or other beverages are permitted for teams. Small and shoulder-size coolers with the basics (water and snacks) are preferable for spectators. There's also no issue with leaving a bigger cooler in your car and returning to the parking lot to replenish. Please note that no alcohol is permitted on the property. 

Are all of the dugouts covered? Are there places to sit at Sports at the Beach?

Yes, all dugouts are covered. Each field at Sports at the Beach has standard bleachers; however, parents and fans can bring portable chairs, canopies, tents, and blankets.

Can we bring pets to the tournament?

Yes, we are a pet-friendly facility. Dogs must be on leashes at all times, and owners are required to keep their dogs in control and curbed. Dogs are not permitted in bleachers or public viewing areas. Waste stations are located throughout the park. 

Is there handicap accessible parking?

Yes, Sports at the Beach has plenty of handicap accessible parking. If you need assistance getting to the fields, we also have golf carts patrolling our grounds to assist with getting you to and from your field.

Are there activities available for siblings/children who aren't playing in the tournament?

Yes! Sports at the Beach is a family-owned, family-oriented business, and we seek to provide a variety of fun options for all ages. Click here to visit our Facilities page!

We have relatives, friends, or other spectators traveling separately. How can we tell them where to meet us inside the complex?

Every field has a large numbered sign displayed. Once they have entered the complex and parked, any Sports at the Beach staff member can direct them to the right field. To find out where a game will take place in advance, contact your team's coach. To download our Complex Map, click here!

I am a parent and I have a question that is not listed here, who should I call for more information?

Parents should contact their coaches for more information about the tournament. Most information about the Sports at the Beach facility can be found here on our website. Refer to the menu bar at the top of our website and click on "Visitors" for local area/travel information.