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Divisions with Decisions | Team Tournament Options

Sports at the Beach wants to give you options for your youth baseball tournament experience. That's why we have added even more choices for age divisions, field sizes, and more! Tournament options are available on select 2018 Tournaments.

Here's a quick overview of what is offered and why...

BACK for 2018!  9U - Leads & No Leads

What are leads?
"Leads" refers to a tournament in which the same rules as Major League Baseball apply (Leads, balks, dropped third strikes, etc.)

What are no leads?
"No Leads" refers to a tournament that uses basically the same rules as Little League Baseball
(See Rules section for further explanation)

What's the best choice for my team?
If your team is mostly comprised of players who have been using Little League rules, a "no leads" tournament can be beneficial for easing them into Major League rules. This allows you as the coach to observe and note the biggest areas of transition from one rule structure to the other. Conversely, a team already familiar with the basics of Major League rules could better build on that foundation with a "leads" tournament.

Why is this an option?
As is often the case with minor/major teams, dividing ages into more customized categories allows us to better meet the tournament needs of more teams. A new team, a new coach, or a new tournament location can take some adjusting - so we are expanding our division options to make that adjustment period easier! *Please note that all SATB Tournaments in the 9U Division will be played as "Leads" unless options are offered.*


10U, 11U, 12U - Major & Minor

What teams are considered "minor?"
A minor age division refers to a more relaxed level of competition, without sacrificing the excitement! Teams in this subdivision may be newly established, welcoming new players/coaches, or newly graduated to their current age division. If any of these "new" situations sound familiar, you might still be determining the skill level of your team. Or maybe you feel that your team needs more tournament experience, a little extra confidence, or a combination of both. No problem - we recommend going for minor and playing your heart out!

What teams are considered "major?"
A major age division refers to a more heightened level of competition, but while also having fun! Teams in this subdivision may be already familiar with new players/coaches, or well-established in their current age division. If your team competes on an average or above average skill level, has finished in the Top 3 of any tournament, and contains solid, experienced players...you just should register for major.

Sports at the Beach Moderation Policy: SATB will monitor teams in both divisions and will make recommendations when we feel a team has registered for an incorrect division. It is our goal to maintain the integrity of the divisions and keep the level of play fair for all teams.

What's the best choice for my team?
Thankfully, we all know that the size, subdivision, or skill level of a team doesn't determine their worth as individuals or as athletes. It is our belief that everyone who participates is a winner, regardless of what division they play in! With that being said, it's up to you as the coach to consider the strong and not-so-strong points of your team. If you are on the fence about major vs. minor, think about the points that are holding you back. Maybe it's age: Most of my players just moved up, but seem to have a handle on the team's game strategy. Or perhaps it's ability: There are a few who play like they are 2 ages ahead, but I'd like to focus on developing all of my players into a unit. Ultimately, you as the coach will be the one to know your kids the best...but we are always here to offer help if you need it!

Why is this an option?
As is often the case with leads/no leads teams, dividing ages into more customized categories allows us to better meet the tournament needs of more teams. Your team is not just a number to us - it's a new branch of our family! For your convenience, we've added a major/minor badge to tournaments with these options...and we definitely encourage you to take advantage of major/minor divisions as needed. *Please note that major/minor divisions require a minimum of 4 participants or they will be combined.* We will contact all teams to let them know slots have been combined!


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