Weekend Wrap-Up: The 42 Rundown 2021

SATB hosted 47 teams during this year's 42 Rundown 2021 Tournament. Teams participating include: Bonnie Rangers 9U (Brooklyn, NY) | Full Count Rockers 9U (Upper Marlboro, MD) | Mid Atlantic Shockers Bunting 9U (Berlin, MD) | Mid Shore Mavericks 9U (Easton, MD) | Bagel Bombers Sammons 10U (Frederica, DE) | Clarksburg Keys 10U (Clarksburg, MD) | Delmarva Aces 10U (Berlin, MD) | Dig In Baseball 10U (Gaithersburg, MD) | East Coast Titans 10 (Salisbury, MD) | Full Count Rockers 10U (Upper Marlboro, MD) | Mid Shore Mavericks 10U (Easton, MD) | Delmarva Aces East 11U (Berlin, MD) | Full Count Rockers 11U (Upper Marlboro, MD) | Hamilton A's 11U (Trenton, NJ) | Mid Atlantic Shockers Hastings 11U (Berlin, MD) | RBI Thunder 11U (Endwell, NY) | SELECT - Keiser 11U (Elkton, MD) | Bagel Bombers Willey 12U (Georgetown, DE) | Coaldale Tigers 12U (Coaldale, PA) | Delmarva Aces Beach 12U (Berlin, MD) | Full Count Rocker 12U (Upper Marlboro, MD) | Lake Shore Graysox 12U (Pasadena, MD) | Mid Atlantic Shockers Webster 12U (Fruitland, MD) | Mid Atlantic Shockers Kimmel 12U (Berlin, MD) | Mount Vernon Patriots 12U (Alexandria, VA) | Nova Premier Blue 12U (South Riding, VA) | Prime Time Aces 12U (Alexandria, VA) | SC Bulldogs Fitzgerald 12U (Middletown, DE) | SELECT Leitgeb 12U (Elkton, MD) | UQA Lions 12U (Centreville, MD) | West Jersey Rebels 12U (Westampton, NJ) | Clarksburg Keys 13U (Clarksburg, MD) | Delmarva Aces East 13U (Berlin, MD) | Eagle Baseball Club Red 13U (Mechanicsburg, PA) | Full Count Rockers 13U (Upper Marlboro, MD) | Mid Atlantic Red Sox 13U (Frederick, MD) | Mid Atlantic Shockers Gaylor 13U (Whaleyville, MD) | Mid Atlantic Shockers Smith 13U (Berlin, MD) | Mid Atlantic Shockers Thomas 13U (Berlin, MD) | Militia 13U (Kimberton, PA) | US Elite 13U (Bel Air, MD) | Bagel Bombers Reed 14U (Berlin, MD) | Delmarva Aces Beach 14U (Berlin, MD) | Delmarva Destroyers 14U (Frankford, DE) | East Coast Titans 14U (Salisbury, MD) | MD Legends 14U (Rising Sun, MD) | Philly Royals 14U (Philadelphia, PA)

2021 Baseball Tournament


Bonnie Rangers 9U
(Brooklyn, NY)
Final Standing: 4-0


Bagel Bombers Sammons 10U
(Frederica, DE)
Final Standing: 4-0


Mid Atlantic Shockers Hastings
(Berlin, MD)
Final Standing: 4-1


Delmarva Aces Beach
(Berlin, MD)
Final Standing: 5-0


Mid Atlantic Shockers Gaylor
(Whaleyville, MD)
Final Standing: 4-1


East Coast Titans
(Salisbury, MD)
Final Standing: 4-1

Please note that all tournament scores and standings are noted according to the final brackets on the schedule. If you would like to submit a correction or comment, click here to email the SATB Team >

We want to say THANK YOU to all the teams who participated, all the parents/fans who cheered from the stands!

*Special Shout-Out to the SATB Grounds & Maintenance Crew for working hard to make the tournament possible*

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