Seeing Stars

Whether you're cooking out or sitting on the beach watching fireworks, Fourth of July has always been a time to celebrate and show your patriotism. Red, White, and Blue is what is expected of you no matter where you are. Ladies, if you can't keep track of which year is which because you've been wearing the same outfit in every picture for the past five years, we have the tanks to switch up your look. Starting this weekend at the Welcome Center at Sports at the Beach, we will be selling these "Baseball Star" tanks. 


These tanks will not only be great for celebrating our independence, but for baseball as well. Since baseball is "America's favorite passtime", representing our country in these handmade tanks is always acceptable. They are easy to dress up with a cute skirt and bandana, or dress down with your favorite jean cutoffs and baseball cap, and they match perfectly with your hot dogs and lemonade.

Whether it's the fourth of July or just a regular baseball Saturday, these tanks are the perfect fit. We will only be selling them for a limited time, so grab them now before we sell out!

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