2014 Battle at the Beach Wrap Up

What happened to the sun? Where is the warm weather? This weekend we were blessed with a ton of sun and temperatures that reached the 80’s. Today, the weather is wonderful…if you’re a duck. However, we can be quite thankful for the amazing weekend weather as it brought on equally amazing baseball games.

The 2014 Battle at the Beach kicked off Saturday with 35 teams in 5 age brackets coming to play ball. The teams battled it out with upsets, ties, nail biters, and everything in between. Over the course of one weekend and 64 games, five champions were determined.

In the 10U division, seven teams came to fight for the top spot. In the end, it came down to the Mid-Atlantic Shockers going head-to-head with the Lakeshore Graysox. In a close game with a final score of 8-7, the Mid-Atlantic Shockers came out victorious. So congratulations to the Mid-Atlantic Shockers for being the 2014 Battle at the Beach 10U tournament champions. And a big round of applause to the Lakeshore Graysox as the tournament runner-up. All seven teams played great ball and deserve congratulations.

In the 11U bracket, six teams showed up ready to play. Again, a Mid-Atlantic Shockers team reached the finals but this time going against the tough McLean Dirt Devils. After the dust had settled, the Dirt Devils had earned the championship. Big congratulations to the McLean Dirt Devils as they are the 2014 Battle at the Beach 11U tournament champions. Of course, the Mid-Atlantic Shockers deserve kudos as they are the 11U tournament runner-up. Each one of the six teams fought hard so let’s hear it for each team.

In the 12U bracket, six teams stepped up to the plate. The final game saw the Bergen Express facing off against the DE Rockets. Both teams battle it out and in the end, the DE Rockets were the winners. A round of applause as the DE Rockets are the 2014 Battle at the Beach 12U tournament champions. And congratulations to the Bergen Express as the tournament runner-up. All six teams played hard and deserve a round of applause.

In the 13U division, eleven teams were there to battle. As the championship game began, the BCCC Warriors and the Midshore Bucks were the two teams going to the gold. Once it was all said & done, the Midshore Bucks came out on top and are the 2014 Battle at the Beach 13U tournament champions. The BCCC Warriors played great ball and the tournament runner-up trophy goes to them. Eleven teams played their hearts out and all eleven teams deserve congratulations.

In the 14U division, five teams were ready to play. The final game came down to the TomCats and the Diamond State Longhorns. In the end, the TomCats went for it and were victorious. Congratulations to the TomCats as they are the 2014 Battle at the Beach 14U tournament champions. And the applause for the Diamond State Longhorns as they are the tournament runner-up. Each of the five teams battled, played great ball and deserve kudos for their skills.

The 2014 Battle at the Beach is in the books! Congratulations to all the teams that came out this weekend!


This year Sports at the Beach hosted a MLB Pitch, Hit & Run event on Saturday from 11AM – 2PM for boys and girls aged 7-14. These kids participated in three events to determine champions who would then move on to the Sectional Competition in a few weeks. We had a good showing of young, strong athletes who did their best. These winners will be notified shortly. If you missed out on the Pitch, Hit & Run hosted at Sports at the Beach this weekend but still want to participate, head over to http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/kids/mlb_pitch_hit_run.jsp & click on “Find a Local Competition.” There are still many opportunities in the surrounding area to try and compete. It is fun for everyone involved so check it out!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Sports at the Beach this weekend. We were blessed with great weather and even better baseball. Now let’s just cross our fingers that this rain goes away for our next tournament, the Grand Slam Extravaganza on April 26th!

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