2014 Arena's Deli Sizzling Showdown Wrap Up

This weekend kicked off our 2014 Sizzling Showdown. Georgetown was blessed with NOT sizzling July temperatures to lead to some sizzling baseball action. While the temperatures stayed down, it also lead to a bit of a downpour on Saturday. Our afternoon games on Saturday were washed out. That didn’t stop the boy’s spirit.


Check out Sniper Nick & friends having a bit of a slip-n-slide contest on the off-site 18/19U field.

(trained professionals. please do not attempt. especially on our fields.)

But the rain ended and by Sunday morning the fields were in great shape for some even better baseball action. Homeruns were hit, double plays were made, and games were won. Eighty-two teams over seven age brackets battled it out.

In the 10U division, six teams came to fight for the top spot. In the end, it came down to the BCC Big Train and the Greene County Outlaws. They battled it out and the Big Train came out on top. Congratulations to the Big Train as they are the 2014 Sizzling Showdown 10U tournament champions. And a big round of applause for the Outlaws as they the tournament runners-up. All six teams played great ball and deserve congrats.

In the 11U bracket, seven teams showed up ready to play. This time the final game was set between the Kent Island Bucs and the PG Select Bluesox. After the dust had settled, the Bucs were the winners. A round of applause for the Bucs as they are the 2014 Sizzling Showdown 11U tournament champions. Congratulations to the Bluesox as they are the tournament runners-up. Each of the seven teams played hard so let’s hear it for all of them.

In the 12U division, ten teams were there to battle. The championship game saw two undefeated teams going head-to-head, the Stratford Titans and the Phantoms BB. It was a close one but the Titans eeked it out with a 14-12 victory. Congratulations to the Titans as they are the 2014 Sizzling Showdown 12U tournament champions. Also a round of applause for the Phantoms as they played well and are the tournament runners-up. Ten teams played their hearts out and it showed this weekend.

In the 13U bracket, fifteen teams stepped up to the plate. The final games saw two undefeated teams battle it out with the CT Outlaws Black going up against the Clarence Red Devils. And a battle it was. The teams were tied for most of the game and as the sun began to set it went into extra innings. Once the dust had settled however, the Outlaws had come out on top with a 6-5 victory. A round of applause as the Outlaws are the 2014 Sizzling Showdown 13U tournament champions. Congratulations to the Red Devils for their spectacular championship game performance. All fifteen teams fought hard and played great ball this weekend.

In the 14U division, fifteen teams battled for the top spot. This championship game saw two more undefeated teams with the Delaware Saints facing off against the Mid-Atlantic Red Sox. The final game was a game to behold. Homeruns, double plays, great pitches and amazing baseball were all themes of this final game. In the end, there had to be a winner and the Saints came out on top with an 8-6 victory. Congratulations to the Saints as they are the 2014 Sizzling Showdown 14U tournament champions. And a round of applause for the Mid-Atlantic Red Sox for their great performance on Sunday. All fifteen teams deserve congrats for their hard work.

Here is a great shot of the Saints after their game. Check out the Facebook later this week for an update about them. #SSSS

In the 15/16U bracket, fourteen teams went for the trophy. Sunday’s championship game saw the Altoona Curve Juniors and the Mid-Atlantic Shockers. The game was a fight until the end and with a 7-6 final score, the Curve came out on top. A round of applause to the Curve Juniors as they are the 2014 Sizzling Showdown 15/16U tournament champions. Congratulations to the Shockers as they played phenomenal ball and are the tournament runners-up. All fourteen teams showcased their great skill this weekend.

In the 18/19U bracket, fifteen teams took to the field. These boys have great control of the game and the championship saw the MLI Phantoms face off against the Massapequa Cyclones. It was a fight under the lights and in the end, the Phantoms were the victors. Congratulations to the Phantoms as they are the 2014 Sizzling Showdown 18/19U tournament champions. Kudos to the Cyclones as they are the tournament runners-up. Each of the fifteen teams played amazing ball this weekend and deserve a round of applause.

The 2014 Sizzling Showdown is in the books. It was a great weekend of baseball even with the rain. Thank you to all the teams that came out to join us for the weekend.

This weekend brings our first tournament of August. The season is winding down but baseball is still going strong. Hope to see you there!  

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